Holistic Counseling CE 2 Counselor/Client Contact and Contractual Agreements


Seminar 2: Counselor/Client Contact and Contractual Agreements Jim Morningstar, PhD. The quality of counselor contact with clients before, during and after session is examined from a holistic perspective. An exercise on counselor self perception is introduced. The issue of creating successful agreements with clients is addressed and basic principles outlined. Exercises to explore self expectations and self observations are explored. Awareness of ones ideals as well as one’s actual behavior are the basis for a holistic counselor’s effectiveness in guiding clients to self acceptance and positive life changes. Course Objectives: *Increase awareness of the basis of self perception as a counselor, *Know the precepts of creating effective contracts with clients, *Distinguish the “can do’s” and “can’t do’s” as goals for a holistic counselor, *Identify discrepancies in counseling ideals and behavior. Included in this course package are: - a pdf Introduction to Distance Learning through the School of Integrative Psychology - a pdf labeled HC #2 Worksheet - an mp3 labeled Holistic Counseling #2 rev.mp3