Holistic Counseling CE 6 Spiritual Issues and Establishing a Practice


Seminar #6: Spiritual Issues and Establishing a Practice Jim Morningstar, PhD. Holistic counseling by definition includes the spiritual realm of clients. How this is addresses while respecting the client’s religious beliefs is addressed. Differing models of spirituality within the holistic field are presented. How the holistic counselor identifies his/her own spiritual core and connects with that of the client is explored. Composing a personal statement of purpose as a holistic counselor is undertaken. Issues involving the establishment of a practice including: institutional vs. private practice, who you represent as a counselor, accountability, reimbursement, and work setting are discussed. Course Objectives: * Be conversant with at least two differing models of spirituality in counseling, * Know the basic approach to incorporating a client’s spiritual values in counseling, * Identify counseling stakeholders in institutional and private practice, * Describe three major issues in how a counselor bills for services. Included in this course package are: - a pdf Introduction to Distance Learning through the School of Integrative Psychology - a pdf labeled HC #6 Worksheet - a pdf labeled Purpose statement - an mp3 labeled Holistic Counseling #6 rev.mp3