Levels of Existence and Spiritual Dynamics


(3 CE credits)The general systems theory of the late visionary thinker and psychologist, Claire W. Graves, Ph.D., is presented along with its profound implications for understanding and predicting human behavior. Applications in the clinical, business and political arenas are graphically demonstrated by his students in their work, Beck, D. and Cowan, C. Spiral Dynamics, Cambridge, MA: Blackwell, 1996." Students may take an inventory (The Way I See It) and get a profile of their own belief systems and know how these systems compare to the emerging systems around the planet. Students will have a foundational understanding of one of the most comprehensive tools for charting the growth of human consciousness, individually and culturally. Course Objectives: *Be conversant with the eight stages of consciousness researched so far, *Know how this tool is applied to assisting human change, *Identify the factors necessary for growth, *Have a personal profile of one's belief systems, *Know how learning theories and psychotherapies relate to each stage.