Life InWellness Video Series #10 CE: Intimacy


10. Intimacy (1:05:03) Jim Morningstar, PhD,Director of InWellness examines - Intimacy - the tenth life area of the wellness wheel. Intimacy with ourself and others reflects what touches us most deeply in life and gives worth to our existence. Intimacy takes us into our greatest vulnerability and also our most profound sense of pleasure and satisfaction. This class will give us the opportunity to explore how we create intimacy in our lives as well as ways to enhance and enjoy the intimacy we value most. Course Objectives: Identify four of the twelve types of intimacy listed. Be conversant with the health benefits of intimacy. Name the three attention bidding categories researched by John Gottman, PhD . Know strategies for rebuilding trust and intimacy after upset in a relationship. Relate three ways to assist healthy sexual intimacy. Included in this course package are: a video file Life InWellness Series #10: Intimacy (1:05:03) a pdf LIWS#10 - Intimacy Handout 1: Inventory of Bidding and Response Styles a pdf LIWS #10 - Intimacy Handout 2: Intimacy Review and Action Plan