Life InWellness Video Series #3 CE: Sensing


#3 Sensing (50:43) It is through the senses--seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, tasting--that we come to know and enjoy the world. Our abilities to work, to feel pleasure, to communicate with others, and to impact the world are directly related to our abilities to appreciate and use our sensory input efficiently and creatively. In this class, Jim Morningstar, PhD, presents information and exercises to help us use our human sensory system to increase our potential for pleasure, satisfaction and meaning in our lives. Course Objectives: Cite three of Positive Psychology’s suggestions for addressing he pleasure challenge. Know effect of thermal regulation on the body’s comfort. Identify ways to use light and color to enhance life satisfaction. Be conversant with sound’s use in physical and emotional regulation. Delineate the importance of touch in infant wellbeing. Included in this course package are: a video file Life InWellness Series #3: Sensing (50:43) a pdf LIWS #3 Handout Personal Challenges and Goals