Life InWellness Video Series #6 CE: Feeling


# 6 Feeling (39:14) Because feelings have been the motivating force behind the greatest heroism and the greatest atrocities in human history, they are often treated with great caution if not suppressed entirely. Yet they are an essential ingredient not just to our survival, but to the enjoyment and fulfillment we all seek. Jim Morningstar, PhD, Director of InWellness' presentation on Feeling helps you explore the role of feelings in your daily existence and practice ways to have them increase the richness and intimacy in your life. Course Objectives: Know the evolutionary role that emotions play in human life. Distinguish the healthy role of anger from vindictiveness, bullying or other abusive behaviors. Identify four stages of grief. Describe the function of joy or gladness. Name four steps of the couples communication exercise. Included in this course package are: a video file Life InWellness Series #6: Feeling (39:14) a pdf LIWS #6 Feeling Handout 1 -Couples Communication Exercise done internally a pdf LIWS #6 Feeling Handout 2 - Risky Rascal and Healthy Options Review