Life InWellness Video Series #7 CE: Thinking


#7 Thinking (53:19) Our capacity to think truly sets us apart from other life forms on the planet. But how much are we the master of our thinking or how much does our thinking master us? Psychological research tells us we think on the average 40-50,000 thoughts per day as a conservative estimate. Many of these thoughts are variations of familiar themes which populate our mind. These themes can serve us or not on our life path. Or perhaps they served us at one point, but have outlived their usefulness. The good news is that we have the capacity to examine our thoughts and the tools to change those that have overstayed their welcome. Few people, however, develop the skills to be objective enough to achieve even the simplest level of mental mastery. This class by Jim Morningstar, PhD, Director of InWellness, will give you the opportunity to practice powerful and effective tools on your thinking patterns that can have a profound influence on your life satisfaction. Course Objectives: Know the three operational principles of the mind. Demonstrate use of the Analysis Game. Identify four guidelines for effective affirmation construction. Name characteristics of creative thinking. Cite a physiological means by which thinking directly influences health. Included in this course package are: a video file Life InWellness Series #7: Thinking (53:19) a pdf LIWS #7 Thinking Handout 1 - The Analysis Principle and Game a pdf LIWS #7 Thinking Handout 2 - The Affirmations Principle and Exercise a pdf LIWS #7 Thinking Handout 3 - Homework