Life InWellness Video Series #8 Playing and Working


#8 Playing and Working (42:04) How we structure our life's activities of Working a nd Playing tells us much about our values. What we "have time for" is a product of what we prioritize as important as well as what is available in our environment. In our quest for a happy and healthy lifestyle, it is our attitudes toward working and playing which determine a great deal about our life satisfaction. This class by Jim Morningstar, PhD, Director of InWellness, will give you the opportunity to examine your attitudes and habits as well as some tools and incentive to create a nurturing and fulfilling balance of work and play in your life. Course Objectives: Know the main features of healthy attitudes toward work and play. Name five ways to prevent burnout. Strategize on bringing more nurturance to one’s work life. List 3 ways for breaking over-seriousness. Positively analyze one’s own time allocation. Included in this course package are: a video file Life InWellness Series #8: Working and Playing (42:04) a pdf LIWS #8 Working and Playing Handout 1 - Being nurtured and fulfilled at work a pdf LIWS #8 Working and Playing Handout 2 - Time Study and Analysis