Life InWellness Video Series #9 CE: Communicating


9. Communicating (46:51) Jim Morningstar, PhD,Director of InWellness presents - Communicating - the ninth life area of the wellness wheel. The quality of our communication is a major factor in our interpersonal and life happiness. Communication is at the core of all our relationships and determines the degree of cooperation or conflict we experience on a daily basis. This class will give us the opportunity to examine our communication style and effectiveness as well as ways to increase our abilities and satisfaction in the process. Course Objectives: Name three ways to deal with indirect communication, gossiping or “dumping.” List four deflecting dysfunctional communication styles. Recount the steps of Open Communication. Distinguish between rescuing and helping communication. Identify three ways to change negative self talk. Included in this course package are: a video file Life InWellness Series #9: Communicating (46:51) a pdf LIWS #9 Communicating Handout 1 - Triangling Exercise and Communications Style a pdf LIWS #9 Communicating Handout 2 - Communications Review and Action Plan