Living and Manifesting in My Light Body


Living in my light body frees me from the solitary confinement of mental and physical forms. I can then more consciously use the mental and physical planes for creative manifesting rather than survival drama. Each class in the series will present exercises for mastery of our light bodies from the eighth to the first chakra. All will have the opportunity to be supported in a special manifestation of their choosing. This course involves practicing new life affirming exercises that improve the quality of lives daily, building upon what is done each class to truly grow in mastery, and develop tools which will continue to be useful throughout one’s life. These seminars should be taken in order given for best understanding and application. Course Objectives:
a. Identify how to manifest in the world from your light body, b. Discovering and clearing karma, programmed attitudes and scripts, new connections to the divine, c. Practice energetic charging, opening doors of clarity, silence and manifestation, original conception d. Master visioning possibilities based on meeting of inspiration and desire, honoring the spirit of the vision and inviting it in e. Invocation of word made substance, giving commands and adaptive guidance, f. Loving what you be, do and have, loving your dreams to life, mastering the strongest magnet in the universe, g. Putting power in the punch, doing what it takes, smarter not harder, turning on the Higher Power, h. Dancing with the divas, uniting your yin and yang to birth the integrated whole, sensing its emergence, i. Materialization and celebration of birth, presentation of projects and extrapolation of lessons learned and shared. Included in this course package are: - a pdf Introduction to Distance Learning through the School of Integrative Psychology - 9 zip files which include mp3 recordings (labeled LMLB Class #1- #9) and a folder with pdf Handouts for each class