Life InWellness Video Series #12 Transcending


12.Transcending (51:42) Jim Morningstar, PhD, InWellness Director, presents Transcending, the twelfth and final life area of the wellness wheel.Transcending promotes genuine growth and is more than just going beyond or escaping what was. It involves learning and incorporating from the past and building upon it. This is a true integration that is the platform for evolving rather than just abandoning all that came before. The final transcending "leap of faith" has had preparatory steps that allows the new heights to be reached, but also new roots to be grown. This effects a permanent change rather than a temporary high followed by a resounding crash. Our work in this class will allow us to strengthen those preparatory steps to our personal transcending on the physical, emotional, mental as well as spiritual levels and to integrate all the ares of wellbeing we have covered in our Life InWellness Series. Course Objectives: Name the “faces” of transcending. Identify ways to consciously participate in the healing processes when ill or out of balance. Specify spiritual disciplines that have contributed to society’s wellbeing. Know techniques for developing and trusting intuition. Acknowledge successes and plan for inner and outer growth. Included in this course package are: a video file Life InWellness Series #12: Transcending (51:42) a pdf LIWS #12 - Transcending Handout 1: Practices of Transcending a pdf LIWS #12 - Transcending Handout 2: Acknowledgment and Further Growth