Psychic Sensitive


Seminar 1: Psychic Sensitive The prenatal period into the first year of life will be studied to identify how our basic sense of security is held in mind and body. How lifelong anxiety (e.g., "I'm not safe in my body or my world.") is structured into the organism and how this effects self image are demonstrated. The family messages, body language and adaptive and compensating defenses are examined. Innate strengths and coping mechanisms which when built upon lead to reintegration and a flowering of psychic and artistic talents as well as spiritual capabilities are revealed. Course Objectives: *Identify goals of the Bio-spiritual energetic approach *Specify Psychic Sensitive holding patterns and life themes *Bio-spiritually assess the P/S strengths and weaknesses *Delineate treatment goals for clients with strong P/S traits *Learn exercises and interventions specifically for P/S clients