SIP Core Integration


Integrative psychology has antecedents in the fields of psychotherapy, systems theory and communications that have paved the way to more essential contact between human beings. Some of the most clear and effective theories and practices from the psychological domain are presented here. They open the doors to and interface with spiritual traditions that have been wise enough to train the mind rather than demonize it or try to eliminate it. Students will apply these practices to their own lives and relationships and learn first hand how to tailor the tools to their psyche as well as alter them for others. Several foundational systems approaches presenting holistic paradigms for spirit/mind integration will be studied. This will include Family Systems Theory and General Systems Theory as practiced on a personal and organizational level. Students will study their own systems as well as their personal communication patterns as well as learn the techniques for assisting those they serve. In this course the student will learn: * To effectively use goal setting and scheduling as tools to self-knowledge and spiritual growth * To identify ineffective communication patterns in self and others and to remedy them * To understand and employ family systems theory * To use basic breathwork techniques * To be conversant with general systems theory and levels of consciousness applications