Spiritual Mastery Studies Certificate Program


Spiritual Mastery Studies - a 78 hour certificate program is a comprehensive study of universal theory, traditions, spiritual development exercises and disciplines to give students knowledge, awareness and practice leading to Self realization and manifestation of their life purpose. Topics include accessing the wisdom and daily support of ascended masters, how to live in, teach and manifest from one’s light body, practical steps to returning to Source and creating a personal and planetary ascension plan. Experiential exercises are included in each course with class recordings and handouts provided. An appropriate typewritten double spaced two page summary of each course indicating the applications to one's life is required for the completion of each of the six courses to be turned in to and approved by the program director for a Studies Certificate to be awarded. Appropriate for counselors, spiritual directors, teachers, caregivers, life coaches, workshop and seminar leaders and students of self help. A Certificate in Professional Leadership Studies through the School of Integrative Psychology can be obtained via online studies by completing the six included courses and passing the online tests for the Living with the Ascended Masters, Living and Manifesting in My Light Body, Being a Teacher of Light, Ascension, Being and Living the Love You Are and Returning to Source. SIP certificates have growing recognition in spiritual and holistic health related fields.