The Sevenfold Path to Health and Happiness


During this course students will learn and practice the techniques which best realign their body, mind and spirit. Students will identify their core issues and strengths of each of their chakras and use the most effective Bioenergetic, yogic, sound, and inner reflective exercises to get them humming with harmony. This material is based on the clinical expertise of Jim Morningstar, Ph.D. and wisdom of Anodea Judith, Ph.D. foremost authority on the chakra system and energy work. This course involves practicing new life affirming exercises that improve the quality of lives daily, building upon what is done each class to truly grow in mastery, and develop tools which will continue to be useful throughout one’s life. These seminars should be taken in order given for best understanding and application. Course Objectives: a. Identify the energy centers (chakras) that correspond to major nerve plexi in the body, b. Experience and replicate how chakras positively or negatively influence consciousness every day, c. Diagnose the excesses or deficiencies in chakras which could lead to anxiety and/or depression d. Construct a program of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual exercises to bring one’s personal system into balance for maximum vitality, productivity and joy