• • Your Contacts in a system menu for quick easy access and navigation.
  • • Quickly send email, paste mailing labels, print Dymo Labels, find contacts, start a chat.
  • • Full Skype support.

Recent Updates

  • • Ability to control which groups to show in iAddressX menu.
  • • Ability to specify default property for a person.
  • • Ability to hide "Open iAddressX Preferences" and "Open Address Book".
  • • Show all contacts in the main menu.
  • • Selecting person header in menu now shows the person in Apple's Contacts App. (formerly called Address Book.)
  • • Person image is now always correctly scaled.
  • • Fixed name of Ungrouped contacts.
  • • Alphabetized group now correctly sorted.
What's new in this version: Sparkle framework added to "Check for Updates" Serial Number input and handling similar to that found in our other Tropical Store Products