All-in-one solution for Remote Access and Web Portal

TSplus - Mobile Web edition - Up to 25 users


TSplus is the best solution that allows your employees to remotely access and use Windows applications from any device.
Seamless and easy to deploy, configure, and maintain, TSplus is the perfect and low cost solution to deploy Windows Applications and Desktops over the Web.

With the TSplus Web Portal and the TSplus App, users are able to securely access server resources from Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, Thin Client, Chromebook, and more. Collaboration between clients now allows you to switch your mobile or tablet into a fully-fledged desktop.
In just few steps, administrators can quickly identify Windows applications installed on the TSplus server and can choose what applications will be available and presented to users.

Support and Updates Services

  • TSplus license Update/Support services - 1 year (21% of license price) $0.00
  • TSplus license Update/Support services - 2 years (18% of license price / year) $0.00
  • TSplus license Update/Support services - 3 years (15% of license price / year) - Recommended $0.00
  • No Update and no Support services for this TSplus license - Not recommended

Frequently bought together

  • TSplus Advanced Security - Ultimate Protection - To secure your TSplus server and users $250.00
  • 2FA - Two Factor Authentication add-on $250.00
  • Server Genius Essential - Get reports and monitor your TSplus server - 1 server / 1 Website $90.00