Buy a Turbo Sliders license!

Be a hero and buy a Turbo Sliders license! Depending on how you feel about the game, there are several different licensing alternatives. You won't get a competitive edge by buying a more expensive license.

Your options are:


Come on! It's a retro game from the beginning of the last decade and the gameplay is stolen from the last millennium! The graphics are crappy, sounds are amateurish and the code is full of kludges even the programmer cannot understand any more. And the social media integration: non-existent. In the era of free-to-play games, why would anyone pay anything for this? You are crazy to pay even this!


Sure, it's a stupid old game but you happen like it. You know, the game is actually bigger than it looks - there are endless options to configure and modify the game and the community is great. And besides, you don't want to look like a cheapskate, do you?


Why are you talking about graphics? Games are about gameplay! Sure it was copied but at least it was copied from the time when it mattered. You want to make a statement. Back in the old days, everything was so much better - gamers today are spoiled!


Muahahaha! You are paying this because... you can! People may think you are out of your mind and may very well be right - but you are proud of it! And surely there must be some kind of reward for this utter disrespect for money, right? But it is even better if there isn't!