MacStitch Plus WinStitch Premium (price shown before local taxes)


MacStitch (for Mac OS machines) PLUS WinStitch (for Windows machines) are great yet inexpensive applications designed for making the creation of counted cross stitch charts easy, quick and fun. You draw on screen using the mouse, using your selected colors (taken from the DMC, Anchor, Madeira or several other thread ranges), and build up your design just as you would on graph paper.For the artistically challenged, you can import scanned photos or clipart, and have the program turn them into ready-to-stitch designs in minutes, at just the right size. The printouts are clear and easy to read, especially when you choose to print at the larger symbol sizes. No need run down to the print shop to get the chart enlarged when you can print it yourself! This bundle provides downloads for both Windows and OSX machines, for people who have both kinds of computers and who want to share the files. (The programs are as identical as possible , and the files they save are exactly the same)

Bundle Options

  • Just the software as a download (tick this if you cannot 'continue') $0.00
  • Optional Add-on: Lifetime Upgrades on MacStitch/Winstitch $19.00
  • Optional Add-on: 284 Extra thread sets for Macstitch or Winstitch $14.00
  • Optional service: Convert up to 12 charts from some other program.. (not PDFs) $12.00
  • Lord Libidan Cross Stitch Font Pack $11.00