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Algebra: Solving Linear Equations, Part 2B: Applications [VOD]


VIdeo On Demand. Part 2B (NOTE: You need to get 2A to have the complete "Part 2" Lesson). This lesson consists of providing you with a Self-Tutorial on how to solve typical linear word problems (story problems or applied problems). The tutor shows you how to solve for a specific variable in formulas. He also discusses how to covert a repeating decimal into a fraction (which was skipped in Basic Math: Lesson 6 -"Fractions") and will teach you how to convert units of measurement. Examples of word problems done include: Finding a number based on certain criteria. Word problems involving some geometry (triangle, rectangle, circle). Age problems. Mixture problems. Money problems (story of my life!). Rate-Time-Distance problems. Percent Equations/problems. Ratio and Proportion (concepts and solving problems, including similar triangles). Problems dealing with Unit Price. NOTE: Video is in MP4 format. Dimensions: 869 x 480. 62 minutes of video