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Video Flash Card: Five and Ten Frame


Video Flash Cards to teach preschoolers and kindergarten students how to count using five and ten frames. I provide videos where frames are both horizontal and vertical. The dots in the frames appear in three versions: five-wise, pairwise, and subitized. There are Video Flash Cards that go from Frame to Number, and others that go from Number to Frame. There are over 270 videos in this collection. This is probably the greatest number of flash cards you will find anywhere! BONUS MATERIAL: • Six “Count the Dots” videos to teach kids to count using five and ten frames. • A companion printout to use with videos (including a video explanation on how to use). • 16 pre-made “random” sequences (of course, you are encouraged to make your own sequences with the individual flash cards). All Video Flash Cards are 1920 by 1080 in MP4 format and can be viewed full-screen on a computer monitor or most mobile devices that can play video. Each Video Flash Card lasts approximately 15 seconds. Bonus videos last longer.