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Video Flash Cards: Telling Time: Analog <-> Digital


Video Flash Cards to learn how to convert Analog time on clocks to Digital time (192 videos) and vice versa (193 videos). There are Video Flash Cards for every 5 minute interval and 96 for additional minutes. There is also a bonus "Beginner's Set" of 72 Video Flash Cards (36 A->D and 36 D->A) that have the hour hand pointing exactly at the hour. These are set at 15 minute intervals. There is also a "12 hours in 1 minute" video and one D->A "gag" video. Two sizes of videos are provided: one is 1280 x 720 pixels in MP4 format and is to be viewed full-screen on a computer monitor, iPad (or other tablet), Android device, or Apple TV, and one is 480 x 270 pixels in M4V format and is for use on an iPhone, iPod, or other similar portable video playing devices.