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Agent of Change Bundle

$397.00 $297.75

  • Spring Break 25% Off

For a limited time, get voke's latest lifecycle virtualization research in this special IT Superhero book bundle offer.

In this bundle, you will learn about the 10 vendors that offer lifecycle virtualization solutions in voke's Market Mover Array. In the Market Snapshot reports you will learn about the benefits and ROI of this technology so you can make a business case to get underway.

  • voke Market Mover Array: Lifecycle Virtualization (27 pages)
  • voke Market Snapshot: Service Virtualization (32 pages)
  • voke Market Snapshot: Virtual and Cloud-based Labs (38 pages)

Agents of Change build relationships with all of the right people in the organization — development, operations, line of business, quality assurance, and executives. We are politically savvy and can really make a difference in negotiating for cross-functional budgets, promoting ways to deliver better business outcomes, or leading a new initiative.

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