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Captain Technology Bundle

$99.00 $74.25

  • Spring Break 25% Off

For a limited time, get voke's lifecycle virtualization research in this special IT Superhero book bundle offer.

In this bundle, you will learn about offerings from 3 vendors that offer lifecycle virtualization solutions.

As a bonus, you will also learn about the importance of development testing and the benefits of Parasoft's solution.

  • voke Solution Snapshot: Parasoft Virtualize (14 pages)
  • voke Solution Snapshot: HP Service Virtualization (18 pages)
  • voke Solution Snapshot: Skytap (18 pages)
  • voke Solution Snapshot: Parasoft DTP (20 pages)

Captain Technology finds new tools and solutions to help modernize the software lifecycle. They also identify new skills that will benefit team members, recognize solutions that go beyond a specific project, and build relationships with software vendors, systems integrators, and professional services teams. We are a valuable source in making the software lifecycle more predictable and reliable.

Buy the bundle and save!