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Market Snapshot: Virtual and Cloud-based Labs

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Authors: Theresa Lanowitz, Lisa Dronzek
Publication Date: August 21, 2014
38 Pages

Do you have enough environments for development and testing? Is your work delayed while waiting for environments? Stop waiting and download voke’s 2014 Market Snapshot Report to get the latest insights on virtual and cloud-based labs.

Market Snapshot Report highlights:

  • The need, use, benefits, challenges, and ROI of virtual and cloud-based labs based on voke’s interviews with participants from diverse organizations, market segments, geographies, and roles.
  • The key justification, business case, and rationale used by other software development and testing professionals to get management approval for purchasing a virtual and cloud-based lab solution.
  • Primary vendors offering virtual and cloud-based lab solutions — CA Technologies, HP, Microsoft and Skytap.
  • The critical assessment questions you need to ask about your organization before to justify virtual and cloud-based labs.