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Testing Titan Bundle

$149.00 $111.75

  • Spring Break 25% Off

For a limited time, get voke's essential testing research in this special IT Superhero bundle offer.

In this bundle, you will learn why each and every software defect adds unplanned work—essentially rework—to the schedule. IT must tackle rework head on to determine the most appropriate areas for improvement, investment, and increased quality. Learn how to reduce the cost of rework in development and testing to help prevent catastrophic defects from occurring in production.

As a special bonus, you will also learn how to demand better performance testing for your customers, and how Neotys can help and learn the value of the unique testsuite offering from Tricentis.

  • voke Strategic Brief: Reducing the Cost of Rework (17 pages)
  • voke Impact Note: Neotys (5 pages)
  • voke Solution Snapshot: Tricentis Tosca Testsuite (18 pages)

Testing Titans focus on customer advocacy by knowing the business of the customer. We help minimize business risk, act as the voice of the customer, proactively engage in requirements and design reviews, and emphasize the need for end-to-end testing. We are the brand protector who is always striving for valuable business outcomes.

Buy the bundle and save!