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voke Category Snapshot: Lifecycle Virtualization

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Authors: Theresa Lanowitz, Lisa Dronzek
Publication Date: November 7, 2011
Pages: 15

Most organizations struggle with the challenges of application and product development and delivery. Lifecycle virtualization fundamentally transforms the lifecycle and eliminates many of the common challenges faced by development and test teams. The stunning success of server virtualization technology in limiting server sprawl, reducing energy consumption, and lowering capital expenditures (CAPEX) raises the question—what can we virtualize next? The answer is almost anything and everything—especially in the lifecycle. Lifecycle virtualization and its associated technologies assist development, test, and operations teams in cutting the Gordian Knot of schedule, cost, and quality.

This report defines the lifecycle virtualization category which includes:

  • Virtual lab management
  • Virtualized cloud platforms
  • Service virtualization
  • Defect virtualization
  • Device virtualization

Learn more about lifecycle virtualization to transform your lifecycle.