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voke Market Mover Array: ALM

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Authors: Theresa Lanowitz, Lisa Dronzek
Publication Date: June 1, 2011
34 Pages

This report provides a historical synopsis of the ALM market and makes predictions of where the market is moving. Additionally this report includes analysis of the following vendors:

  • HP — defining and expanding the application lifecycle and the necessary link to the line of business
  • IBM — providing a comprehensive lifecycle solution for enterprise IT and systems software solutions
  • Microsoft — organically creating a lifecycle solution for a heterogeneous environment
  • MKS — delivering lifecycle solutions for product engineering teams and IT organizations
  • ThoughtWorks Studios — focusing on making the application lifecycle attainable by all organizations
  • TOMOS — delivering a lightweight and modern cloud solution for the application lifecycle
  • Wind River — delivering a lifecycle solution for software engineering teams of embedded, device, and systems software