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voke Market Snapshot: Agile Realities

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Authors: Lisa Dronzek, Theresa Lanowitz
Publication Date: July 11, 2012
40 Pages

Agile is an evolving — and often misunderstood — movement that promises to change the business of software. It was created by developers for developers with an approach of delivering smaller amounts of work more quickly in order to get ongoing feedback, yet while excluding QA and operations. Is this movement truly advantageous to software engineering teams, or, just media hype?

If you are evaluating whether or not to participate in the Agile movement, it’s crucial that you see all sides of the Agile Dilemma. You need balanced context about the true nature and impact of Agile’s realities from companies that have already applied its development practices.

This report provides objective analysis and findings from more than 200 participants, including both technology and non-technology companies. It also features an enhanced market overview of Agile with assumptions and current trends for thoroughly analyzing the Agile movement.