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voke Solution Snapshot: Skytap

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Authors: Theresa Lanowitz, Lisa Dronzek
Publication Date: April 21, 2015
18 Pages

This report highlights benefits and provides analysis about Skytap.

Software is ubiquitous, part of the brand promise, and a competitive business differentiator. However, software teams still face classic software engineering conundrums. The constraint of environments is one of these classic software engineering problems that persist in a time of frequent release cycles and global supply chains. Each member of the software lifecycle team requires access to production-equivalent environments for development and testing activities.

Skytap delivers a purpose-built, cloud-based lab solution to accelerate and optimize the software lifecycle. Skytap provides teams with the resources necessary for the precise time needed to perform development or test work. With unconstrained access to environments as close to production as possible for as long as necessary, teams can test as early as possible, identify and remediate defects more quickly, and remove provisioning wait times.

Read this report to learn how Skytap enables software teams to deliver better software, reliably, and predictably while producing more valuable business outcomes.