VueMinder Pro Update Protection


Update Protection enables you to receive VueMinder Pro or VueMinder Pro USB product updates and support. This includes bug corrections as well as major new releases. You can continue using whatever version of the software you have when update protection expires, but you'll no longer be able to receive updates.

Update Protection Options

Please select the desired update protection option. Next, enter the same quantity as the number of licenses you own. For example, if you have 1 license, you only need to enter 1. However, if you have 10 licenses, then update protection would need to be purchased/renewed for all 10 licenses.
  • 12 Months of Update Protection $24.95 Yearly
  • Lifetime Update Expiration (one-time payment, no expiration!) $69.95
VueMinder is by far the best of its kind, bar none and that goes for the impeccable service as well.
Robert Bagni
I was in the process of adding a reminder to myself to follow up an a project when I realized just how well VueMinder is working for me. It is fast working, easily accessible, and stays out of my way until I need it - what more can I ask for? It looks nice as well. Kudos - a great product and a bargain besides.
Jonas Kristinsson
I really like VueMinder and how it keeps me organized. It's hard to find a great calendar that will do all that VueMinder does.
Lisa Hamilton
I have tried lots of calendar software and VueMinder is by far the best.
Duane Boulis
Great calendar program. Glad I bought it.
D'Arcy M.
I had tried other calendar programs out there, but none gave me all the features that VueMinder does. Can't see any reason to use anyone else! Any questions I have had to support, have always been answered very quickly. These guys got it right!
Mike Hall in Georgia