Omni-Channel is BS


There is an ever-present buzz swirling around the idea of omnichannel in today’s retail landscape. Wait…strike that. Who else is sick of hearing about omnichannel? Industry jargon does nothing more than make headlines and create distractions. Retailers are being told (repeatedly) they must have an omnichannel plan that stretches across mobile, websites and in stores in order to stay competitive among increasingly savvy and curious consumer base.

We say that’s BS.

When it comes to creating an experience that today’s consumers crave, it is so much more than integrating digital technologies online or in-store. There needs to be a renewed focus on understanding the core customer and creating a brand ecosystem before blindly utilizing omni-channel tactics that may or may not be a good fit.

In WD’s latest consumer research study, we compared the usage, appeal and influence on purchase intent of digital and in store technologies, tools and content like buy online pickup in store (BOPIS), peer ratings and reviews and personalized communication. We found that consumers are increasingly utilizing these tactics and are increasingly interested in them, but we also learned that their presence means very little if the overall shopping experience is lacking.

In this white paper, we’ll show you why it’s important for retailers to create a unique brand experience based on the needs and desires of their customers before choosing the proper tools to drive it forward.

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