To Be or Not To Be


What influences consumers toward the Healthy Epiphany?

The internet has made it possible for consumers to obtain information for just about anything. And with smartphones now outnumbering the world population, they can get that information anywhere. Some are using this information to make better choices about the products they buy for themselves and their families.

Whether it is locally sourced, certified organic, or doesn’t contain any of the unwanted chemicals in it, consumers can find out just by doing a simple search. There still seems to be some confusion and some reservations about fully switching to the healthiest (or even the healthier) option.

We wanted to know more about consumers’ habits around buying healthier products. What goes into the decision making process? Why buy healthy in one area and ignore it in another?

To gain a deeper understanding of who this consumer is we surveyed over 1,500 consumers. We asked them to rate the in store and out of store influences that impact their decisions to purchase a healthier option.

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