X13-VSA Home Voice Lie Detector (One License)


X13-VSA Home is a Voice Stress Analysis Lie Detector Software and the most advanced voice analysis technology available today.

The X13-VSA is a revolutionary new software product that work with your PC or laptop computer for quick and reliable truth verification. Anyone with a computer can use it. You will be in a position to detect deception and verify the truth. You may analyzed from TV or radio, or even in a face-to-face conversation, without the subject being aware. The X13-VSA technology was originally developed for military use, but now you can use the same technology as they use to detect lying and deception. X13-VSA is a computerized voice stress analysis software. X13-VSA is one of the most advanced Voice Analysis systems ever and the easiest to use. It is powerful and it go deeper and faster than any other voice analysis technology. X13-VSA is a professional tool for the Businessman or for Personal use. The X13-VSA technology is the most advanced Voice Stress Analysis system that has yet been produced to detect changes in human speech and the cheapest system in the world.

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