Photographer's Guide to the Fujifilm X100S - PDF and Ebook Download Versions


This downloadable book is a complete guide to the operations, features, menus, and controls of the Fujifilm X100S camera. The book covers topics such as autofocus, manual focus, depth of field, aperture priority, shutter priority, HDR (high dynamic range) photography, and macro photography. It also includes discussions of the camera’s special features, including its “hybrid” optical and electronic viewfinder system.

The book’s more than 300 color photographs illustrate the camera’s controls and menus, and include examples of photographs using the creative settings of the camera, including the Film Simulation settings; menu options such as Dynamic Range, Shadow Tone, and Highlight Tone; the Advanced Filter settings, with effects such as Toy Camera, Dynamic Tone, and Miniature; and continuous shooting.

In addition, the book introduces topics such as infrared photography, street photography, and astrophotography, and it includes a full discussion of the video recording abilities of the X100S, which can record high-definition (HD) video with stereo sound.

In three appendices, the book describes accessories available for the camera, gives a list of web sites and other resources for further information, and includes “quick tips” with insights into using the camera’s features efficiently. The book includes a complete table of contents and full index.

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