Photographer's Guide to the Sony RX1R II - PDF and Ebook Download Versions


This product is a bundle of three downloadable versions of Photographer's Guide to the Sony RX1R II, a complete, full-color guide to the features, controls, menus, and operation of the Sony RX1R II compact camera. For your purchase price, you will receive three electronic files: an ePub file that can be read on an iPad, iPhone, or Macintosh computer, as well as on many other compatible e-readers; a PDF file that can be read with Adobe Reader or other software on many computers or portable devices; and a Mobi file that can be read on Kindle readers or with the Kindle app on a PC or Macintosh computer, or on many portable devices. These electronic versions of the book contain all of the content of the printed version, which is 224 pages long and has more than 450 color images. You can download any or all of these three files and use them on any of your own computers, smartphones, tablets, or other reading devices.