Stillness of Space and Line - ebook 170 pages -


The Stillness of Space and Line was inspired by The Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting. I spent years reading and copying the brush strokes as a hands on meditation. Although it was inspired by the classic manual of oriental painting, this book does not teach how to paint or draw. It is more about how to see and experience Stillness. The Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting was one of the first books ever printed and used wooden block cut outs to show the brush strokes. It also contained amazing insights on painting, brush strokes, and composition. The images are for meditation and peace. Follow the flowing lines as they divide and open the space before you. Use the images to relax and transform your current state of mind. Find the stillness you seek just by holding the book and turning the pages. Find the one that speaks to you at this moment. Allow yourself to discover the quiet stillness within each image. Breathe into the lines and inhale from the space that holds the lines. The lines arise from the empty space and remain part of the connection to the presence of the moment. Switch back and forth between the space and the lines. Shift your awareness. As a visual meditation experience, you will go deeper, faster, and more completely using the Stillness of Space and Line as your Meditation Guide. There are no distractions to the flow of energy. The images are timeless and alive with presence. - ebook 170 pages.