Lark's Magic ( PDF Ebook )


Lark’s Magic: a funny novel ... by Michael Pastore ... Fiction, 70,000 words ...Lark’s Magic is the story of the four wildest and cleverest kids to romp through the pages of a book since Tom Sawyer, Tom Brown, Alice (of Wonderland), and Huckleberry Finn. Here you will meet Brains, the eloquent boy-genius; the rambunctious Zerp, who’s been to the principal’s office so many times, they had to put in a revolving door; Larquest Nova, who wears a mask to hide a shocking secret; and PDQ, who lives in his unique and hilarious imagination. Mingled with the fun, games, riddles, stories, and songs are great themes: friendship, reading good books, the joy of nature, the power of play and creativity, and finding the courage to follow your own true heart. . ... “Lark’s Magic is a modern children’s classic which will be read and reread for its Dickens-like characters, its outrageous humor, and its celebration of the playful world of childhood.”