Thoreau Bound ( Ebook PDF )


Thoreau Bound, a comic novel by O.Thoreau (Michael Pastore.) PDF ebook edition, complete. ... O. Thoreau has more problems than Hamlet. Like his ancestor Henry David, he is pummeled by the mass-culture that substitutes an artificial life for a real one, and deadens his creative genius. To find his authentic self he needs solitude — yet everywhere he wanders women flutter and fall around him like October leaves. With sixty books in his pack and fifty bucks in his pocket, the wanderlusting Thoreau saunters through the heart of modern Greece. Here he encounters a dozen extraordinary women and men, each one who has left the beaten path to search for a more glorious existence. In the middle of his journey, Thoreau discovers a hilarious Utopia, a community ruled by women where sex is celebrated, love is taught, nothing is forbidden and anything goes. ... Thoreau Bound explores the problems and themes of love, eros, and the search for an authentic and meaningful life. The era of Don Juans and the exploitation of women is ending; a new model of human relationships is about to dawn. In the utopias of the future, women and men will relate as equal partners, nourishing each other with the utmost passion and sincerity.