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Archiver 3 $19.99

Archiver is a must-have tool for anyone working with archives. Open popular archive formats including RAR, StuffIt, 7zip and Zip. Reduce file size with strong compression. And convert easily between archive formats, such as from RAR to Zip.

Renamer 5 $19.99

If you've every tried to rename a large set of files by hand and thought "there must be an easier way", then Renamer is for you. With Renamer you can rename and number many files at once.

License Upgrades

You can upgrade your license if you previously purchased an older version of one of our applications:

» Upgrade to Archiver 3 from Archiver 2. Requires a valid Archiver 2 license.

» Upgrade to Renamer 5 from Renamer 4. Requires a valid Renamer 4 license.