The F2P Toolbox


Packed with the most important, high-impact ideas in modern game design, The F2P Toolbox is the ultimate brainstorming tool for your game. Whether you're a solo creator, an indie team or a major studio, these are the practical, well-tested ideas you need to know in order to get your game firing on all cylinders.

Each of the 54 free-to-play design "tools" in the book is summarised on a simple card, then explored in-depth with practical examples from today's top games. You won't find any get-rich-quick "secrets" or underhanded psychological ploys in here; this is a book of tried and tested ways to make F2P games that are fun for everyone, loved by their players and profitable for their creators.

“WOW! Never before have I seen such an incredible amount of F2P game design wisdom in such a small space! This is, by far, the best F2P design book I’ve ever read, and the best game design book I’ve seen this year. Whether you are new or old to F2P, you can’t afford to miss this amazing book!”

- Jesse Schell, CEO, Schell Games, Distinguished Professor of Entertainment Technology, Carnegie Mellon University.

Individuals can buy The F2P Toolbox in two versions; a beautiful large-format spiral-bound book that's designed to sit in the middle of the table and be the centrepiece of your brainstorming sessions; and a fully hyperlinked DRM-free PDF that's a breeze to navigate and perfect for tablet devices.

Studio or team managers can license The F2P Toolbox for their entire organisation by picking the appropriate site license below - a great value way to share the benefits of the book with your whole studio.

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