Cardio Calipers $49.50

The Cardio Calipers allow on-screen measurement of any EKG, no matter what format the EKG image is in.

Clipstory $14.50

Clipboard with History, unlimited copy and paste right at your fingertips.

ColorPic $29.50 $14.50

The fastest easiest way to pick a color from your screen.

ColorPro $19.50

The Ultimate HTML Color Picker for Professionals

Data Extractor $29.50

Using Data Extractor you can simply extract any information from any files on your computer or from webpages. Extract URLs, email adresses and custom data.

Domain Extractor Basic $7.50

Find domain names easily by simply browsing the web.

Email Extractor $29.50

Quickly extract emails from Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Eudora browse through message stores and backup your communications.

Extraction Pack $65.50

Purchase Iconico's Extraction tools at a reduced rate in one pack, containing the Data Extractor, the HTML Text Extractor and the Email Extractor.

Fast WhoIs $7.50

Get WhoIs details on multiple domain names in a matter of seconds.

HTML Text Extractor $19.50

HTML Text Extractor is the easiest way to view the HTML and Text from any webpage.

Image Filter Pro 100 $9.50

Delicious Image Effects and Transformations.

Line Reader $19.50

Turn your mouse into a helper line, to easily guide your eyes while reading long documents.

Points On A Canvas $19.95

Configurable points for ultimate measurements.

Screen Calipers $29.50

The most accurate way to measure on a screen, at any angle in pixels, inches or any unit.

Screen Compass $29.50

The Screen Compass allows you to measure the radius, circumference and area of circular or polygonal shapes on your screen simply and quickly.

Screen Divider $19.50

Distance, angles and parallel lines at your fingertips.

Screen Measurement Pack $74.50

Purchase the award-winning measurement tools: Screen Calipers, Screen Protractor and Screen Compass together at a reduced rate in the Screen Measurement Pack.

Screen Protractor $29.50

The Screen Protractor allows you to easily measure any angle on the screen. Work with engineering plans or designs to measure degrees or radians on your screen.

Screen Shapes and Controls $7.50

Drawing and modeling overlays for any application.

Screen Tracing Paper $29.50

Transparent blueprint software for your computer screen that allows you to trace and measure over any application.

Website Styler $14.50

Style any web page easily by simply browsing the web.

Window Nudger $7.50

Fingertip Positioning for Windows Applications.