Personal Licenses



Personal Licenses

If you, as an individual, are purchasing a software license using your own funds, then the personal license is right for you. Personal licenses are not available to companies in any way or form and can't be reimbursed by employers.

Each personal license is valid for one user on an unlimited number of Macs.

Software license fees are non-refundable. Trial versions of the software are available for download and may be used for evaluation before purchasing.

  • Ammonite [Personal License] $15.00
    Tag visualizer and search utility
  • BackupLoupe [Personal License] $15.00
    One Stop Shop for Time Machine
  • GoToFile [Personal License] $15.00
    Fast, flexible and accurate utility to find files on your Mac
  • LaunchControl [Personal License] $15.00
    Create, manage and debug launchd(8) services
  • RedHand [Personal License] $5.00
    Intrusion detection for your Mac